Total 'Brella Stalkers

Sunday, August 14, 2011

as promised!

Here's one of the videos of the brella painting process. The adorable song, "I Was Made For Sunny Days" is by the Weepies :) You should definitely check out their music!

As you can see the camera slipped a little low... I'd like to claim that it was an artistic choice in documenting the process... but no, no it was a shoddy tape job * I taped a camera to the handle of a brella. I'm crafty like that ;)

It's a super simple painting but it looks really cute under an umbrella! cheers! Lauren

new kickstarter update

So we JUST finished shooting the footage for a kickstarter update. We filmed in a tiny million degree room. There was wine. Just a hot mess in the land of brellas. Now- we edit. more wine.