Total 'Brella Stalkers

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Fall!

HELLOOOOOooooo fellow Umbrellateers!! It has been a long while since I've updated everyone on Over Our Heads news. And a lot has happened.  It has been over a year now since the project was successfully funded and I've been hard at work and happy to say: Things are great!

      Backer rewards are out and the 'brellas are selling!  They are sold from the website and  The etsy site not only sells umbrellas, but also paintings, drawings, and wall art I've made between umbrella designs.  (The content changes frequently so check it out every now and then to see what is new.)
      Since you've last heard from me I've been shipping, painting, moving, and designing more and more!  I even brought Over Our Heads to the Shark Tank auditions in Los Angeles, my former stomping grounds, where we got through to the second round and made a fancy audition video! (It was an AWESOME experience and I did it thinking 'Why not?! It's exposure!'.  We never got a call back- I figure its because I'm not ridiculous enough for reality television ;) but I'm SO glad I gave it a shot! It was inspiring being around so many bright ideas) 

Right now,  I'm waiting to finish selling the first batch of umbrellas that were kickstarted- Once this first round is sold then more designs will come! I'm getting geared up for the holidays :)  (aka- wet weather season!) All sales will be shipped out within two days of purchase and include a free Over Our Heads decal!

I've also been plotting out ideas for a youtube video ad!  Just something quirky and fun to show off the umbrellas.  Maybe a little animation. Maybe a little live action.  I'll keep you guys posted on its progress!

For now- I'll leave you with the Thank You Cards that I hand 'doodled' for our $5 backers :) They ship out tomorrow! (so if your address has changed let me know noooow! The cards were enveloped at random so it'll be a surprise what you get.)

Talk to you guys again soon! The Facebook Page is updated way more frequently with silly umbrellas-isms, musings, and 'so this is happenings'.

High Fives!- Lauren