Total 'Brella Stalkers

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hi Friends!!! Happy February!!  So since last month's update things have been barreling along.

The Scoop:

Like I said in my January post: 'the 'brellas will be ready in March!!' And I CANNOT FLIPPING WAIT!! The printing company that I am working with has given me, 'the beginning of week 3as the ETA. Which means I'll be spending a whooole lot of time  (once I've organized them) at the post office, shipping your pre-orders! SO EXCITING! Just hang tight :) sooo close! Shipping invoices will be sent out soon. Thank you for your patience in this long process of printing on the interior of umbrellas. Since it is not a process that, all but a microscopic few, printers take on (due to the complexity) it has been quite the  roller coaster. And I am happy to say that the twisty part of the ride is over!  Don't puke!

heres a drawing i made for you

In other news I don't know if anyone has noticed yet, but the .net website domain is now a .com!  In case you weren't sure- .com domains can be super expensive and hard to come by- so I feel SUPER lucky in getting it.  I randomly met the owner to a domain selling company- and he just happened to have access to it. So he sold it to me for a very reasonable price after I charmed him with my mumbles and untied shoelaces.

The t-shirts are ordered and arriving soon as well!

The decals look awesome! and I'm putting them on things everywhere.

So, What's Next Lauren?! is the question i hear pretty much every day. Well folks- A LOT! With all the support I've been getting on this venture its been hard to lose sight of my goals and so far I've been SO lucky!  People have been asking about my marketing schemes, advertising methods, etc. Honestly- I've got a TON of ideas. Lots of them are underway!  Some ideas I have to keep under wraps because- well... they're too good to reveal just yet. Others are the obvious ones like the consideration of major retailers and/or selling from the website.  My ultimate dream is to have a store though- in the style of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory- BUT WITH UMBRELLAS instead of candy! And this will happen someday, once I complete the steps necessary to make it a realty.   In the meantime, I'm making plans, painting more custom designs, choosing future designs, and slowly but surely assembling the big picture.  

You all are the reason this is happening. Still cannot believe it! THIS IS HAPPENING! Thank you :)

ps- I've moved to Austin and it is wonderful! Now that I'm starting to settle in I'm going to be WAY more active on the Over Our Heads facebook and twitter! I'm feeling silly and energized lately so hopefully my updates will be quasi-amusing in between these mega kickstarter updates. 

hugs, kisses, and wedgies to you all!  Bring it on March!