Total 'Brella Stalkers

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hiiii and happy November guys!

So basically: a bunch of awesomeness has been happening!

1- A few weeks ago Good Day Sacramento took notice of the brellas and did a cute interview w/ me. I was super nervous but very happy I didn't giggle myself into submission.

2- A certain magazine, owned by a certain famous (and wealthy) female television host, will be featuring the brellas in an article after the holidays. *my head is still spinning! what?!?*

Sea Theme
French Cafe

3- I'm getting revved up for some serious commission paintings! The holidays are coming up and I've opened up the floodgates for brella and wall art requests!  If you would like a hand painted brella of your choosing for a holiday gift, contact me by December 1st.  I'm on a sea creature, stars and space, and robots, and silhouette kick lately so if you'e short on ideas :)

4- The site is still under construction, however, I've hired an excellent 'web dude' to expedite the process.  Very excited!

5- The printing of the brellas is underway!

6- Turned 27 recently- already a great year!