Total 'Brella Stalkers

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hey all! so here's a quick update with whats going on: (this is particularly for those who are expecting umbrellas as their backer rewards)

The umbrellas FINALLY ARRIVED! They got held up in customs for a loooong time for reasons unknown to me (they're very secretive!) and finally showed up without warning on my doorstep. Could not be happier about this!  So: I've been invoicing people for shipping costs who are expecting umbrellas with PayPal. This was a mistake as it turns out- the paypal invoicing department has been glitching out of control the past couple of weeks.  I have spoken with a couple people from their staff and was left with "we're working on it". 

  • SO: if you have received an invoice and you are having troubles with it- please contact me asap. I will send an alternative method of money request that evidently works.  

  • If you are expecting an umbrella and have not received an invoice yet- its because I am going to send you that alternative request instead and am just working on them. And will get them out in groups this week.

(ps they look AWESOME!)

All other rewards will also be going out very soon!


April is going to be a GREAT month!!