Total 'Brella Stalkers

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So: great news! We finished the video a few days ago and our proposal (you have to submit one) was approved by the kickstarter staff!  Now we just have to fine tune the details and we'll be able to launch it to the public! Very exciting! We need about $18,000...yikes!  And this is just to get started! All $$ we receive in donations go straight to the production/printing of the brellas.  We're only going to ask for about 11k though (for fear that we won't get anything if we're just a dollar under the minimum- don't worry- if this happens all backers get their donation returned to their account immediately) We're gonna put the video up for 31 days to collect. Wish us luck!

 In the mean time Lauren is going to keep painting brellas and sell them on Etsy. Greg will keep being AWESOME. and Justin will keep being a snarkypants and entertain the crowd.

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