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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scoping out Sowa

Today Justin and Lauren went to check out SoWa Open Market in the South End, Boston. It was a really great experience and SUCH a beautiful day! All the art vendors were super inviting and friendly. Some of the stuff we saw was really creative too! One company in particular was called "Boobies" and they made designs based on the goofy birds (called boobies)- so of course they make silly and charming imagery with every pun ever known to man. We made friends with the creators and hope to be market buddies in the future! After seeing how everything is done- we're confident in making our tent AWESOME in both ambience and utility.

Don't worry- we'll document the process. Probably video record- in which Lauren, whom will no doubt be caffeinated enough, will curse- a lot- while setting up the "EZ UP"... it's not so easy.  For everyone who sees this and visits our tent- free hugs!!

In other news- Tuesday night we'll post a couple umbrella painting videos! wahoo!!

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