Total 'Brella Stalkers

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Green City It Is!

So last Friday we sent out a survey asking "which umbrella should we really print?" because I was getting mixed reviews about the 2 umbrellas that were chosen to be printed. WELL,  the results are in and the response was tremendous! Green City blew Heartbot out of the water. But rest assured- Heartbot WILL be printed in the future. Just this first initial line will be the Starry Whale and Green City designs.

In other news I'm starting to gear up for a proper website.  Exploring options for ecommerce site building and the ins and outs of digital marketing.  Kind of intimidating but equally exciting!  Its something I guess every small business starter learns right?  But so far so good :)

While everyone's waiting for the umbrellas to come out, I've been getting a lot for requests for art in other forms. SO I joined up with and made laptop skins, iphone covers, and prints available.
Check it out!  Buy something if you're feeling fancy :)

Much Love and Mental Hugs- Lauren


  1. From that angle, the umbrella also has a watermelon feel to it. :)

  2. I love your artwork! It's very fun and looks like something you'd find in a very good children's book.