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Sunday, January 15, 2012

February...and Oprah Magazine!

WOAH NOW!! Sooo much is going on this month! 

1st and craziest- OPRAH MAGAZINE's February edition finally came out! pg 124! Its featured in the "You, from A to Z" spread, which is about customizable things you'd want in your life.  The article is mixed with my work and other custom site that does a lot of weird stuff. Yay stuff!  The most important part of being in the magazine is that people can see the website and then see they can either get a customized umbrella OR a printed one (which is cheaper) in March. THANKS OPRAH! for featuring my work in your zine!

2nd and wicked awesome- The website, ! Its up and running! Eric Wing, our glorified 'Webdude', did an amazing job putting it together! Now people can request and purchase custom hand painted umbrellas AND pre-order the printed designer 'brellas that backers funded (have I mentioned how much I flipping love you guys by the way?!?)


3rd and so cool- Went down to New York City last month and met with photographer, Brian Furbush ( who did a beautiful shoot of the designer 'brellas with models: Brandi Hamlin, Lex Bourke, and Marc Angelico.  It was a really cool experience! (and in actuality- it was freezing cold!) Marc was adorable to watch with two the gorgeous ladies on each arm and the girls remained smiley and cute despite the temperature being in the single digits.  Brian even got a nice shot of me (which is so rare! when I'm not caught with food in my mouth or looking slightly cross-eyed)

4th and oh wow- The designer 'brellas will be ready and deliverable at the beginning of March! Who's beyond excited? THIS KID!

5th and pretty great- I'm ditching my bi-coastal 'doing business as' title (Los Angeles & Boston) and re-establishing myself and the company in Austin, TX in just 2 weeks! Gonna drive down from Massachusetts with a car full o' 'brellas to paint and winter clothing that I'll probably never wear again.  Austin (the cute little blue dot that you are)- Hello! and here I come!... Does it rain a lot there? Abe, my giant black dog will join us soon too. 

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